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Clara Hughes once said, “I love skating so much and I feel like every time I step out onto the ice, that’s what I’m meant to do.”

n1548467153_30217498_9215We would like to welcome our visitors to This Might Hurt Our Reputation. This blog could be characterized as a story about retiring, coming back, and realizing how much you love the sport. However, this is more the story of three friends in the realization that you do not need to be a teenager to still go fast and our love for speedskating.

The Back Story:

Sometime around 2003 when Lisa started grad school, Lisa put her skis in the garage and pushed her skates into a closet. It was at that point that life got in the way of the fun and free wheeling of the early twenties had caught up with her and she was now thrust into growing up.

Camille hung up her skates a little earlier in mid-1998 after spending a year with the Metro Girls Team, went to college, and got a job. A story that many of us know all to well and her speedskating was put on hold.

There were lots of talks about getting back to skating. Even a joke about throwing skates on at Lisa’s wedding to do a lap in the gown and the bridesmaid dress (that did not happen). Speedskating had became like so many other things in life, there was just no time.

Finally in the winter of 2007-2008 Lisa decided one day to grab her skates out of the closet, pack a bag of warm clothes, and after a full day of work she headed out to the John Rose Oval. That was the start. Soon Camille was back skating as well.

Before anyone thinks it was an easy transition to skating, it actually took a small nominal donation to Pierce Skate and Ski to resurrect the skating careers (Lisa’s skates broke and Camille needed her own pair).

Then one night over dinner, Camille and Lisa at the suggestion of Lisa’s husband Erik talked about starting a blog chronicling their journey in preparing for the 2009 National Long Track Marathon. And that is how This Might Hurt Our Reputation was born. The blog was to be a story of the journey as two good friends (or sisters, as they are known at the John Rose Oval) would be battling it out each day at the oval. Camille and Lisa were vying for the title of Senior Women National Champion in the 25k distance- the title that Lisa was currently holding and really did not want to hand over. It then became a fierce competition including a deal of “If you give me the 25k, I will give you the 50k.” Needless to say, the race was on.

But if you noticed this is actually a journey about three friends. See Lisa’s former boss (Dorothy) would give Lisa a hard time about leaving after a full day of work and then skating. So in return, Dorothy had to listen to Lisa talk about skating. So when Lisa resigned in June 2009, she told Dorothy that just once she would need to come and skate at the oval. It only took one lesson and another trip to Pierce Skate and Ski, a small nominal donation, and Dorothy now had her own skates.

Finally, if you are curious about how the battle of Camille and Lisa ended. Lisa won the race between Camille and her by 29 seconds. Therefore, the battle for 2010 has become fierce and the blog is still a place for us to record our thoughts.

Finally, thank you for coming and visiting This Might Hurt Our Reputation and if you are a returner, thank you for following our story.

Camille, Dorothy, and Lisa
September 2009

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