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C at Santa Monica Pier

C in Santa Monica, CA

Contributing Writer: Camille

Hiya and welcome to This Might Hurt Our Reputation.

Growing up with my brother and sister, I had always enjoyed ice skating.  In high school, I had the opportunity to try out speedskating for one winter season.  Who knew it could be so fun to skate fast over ice!

My current skates were purchased at the end of the 2008 skating season.  I completed my first 25km speedskating marathon in late February 2009, finishing only 29 seconds behind L.  Believe you me, in this 2009-10 skating season, it’s ON – 29 seconds boils down to a second per kilometer!

The major goal for the skating season will be to work through the crossover step… and I’m sure there may be some quality wipeouts on the ice included.  (I managed to make it through 2008-09 season without one, so I’m sure I’m due.)

A little more about me… my background is in chemistry and mathematics.  As many others in a simliar boat, I have been managing myself through an involuntary (although foreseen) job transition since early 2009.  I previously supervised the data entry department for a personal and small business check printing manufacturer.  I am looking for a future role that will more broadly utilize my passion for science and math.

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  1. Lisa permalink*
    September 6, 2009 12:02 pm

    For someone who broke a freakin’ rib doing a crossover step into a straightaway transition stroke- I promise to give you all the sympathy in world if you fall.

    Yes I know the race is on. 29 seconds boils down to nothing. It’s ON girl. You and me February 20 in Bemidji.

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