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n644122047_1424701_6351339Contributing Writer: Lisa

Hi and welcome to This Might Hurt Our Reputation.

My life changed in the winter of 2007, I had spent the previous winters in graduate school, writing my thesis, and getting married. That deep down I had an urge that I wanted to go speedskating again. So I grabbed my speedskates one day in December 2007 out of the closet which they had been sitting dormant for the previous years, packed some warm clothes, and then after work I headed to the John Rose Oval and began skating. I literally had to relearn how to skate again. When I say literally had to relearn, I looked like I had not skated a day in my life (which is funny because I grew up with a pond in my backyard). I finally got it together after a bit of hard work.

I began to realize that I was a hamster on ice and I liked to go around for long extended periods of time. So when I learned about the National Long Track Speedskating Marathon and the fact it was going to be hosted in my home state, I jumped at the opportunity. For the past three years, I have competed in the National Long Track Marathon. Since the 2011 Marathon has been cancelled, I will be heading to the North American championships. My goal for the 2011 Marathon is to skate the 25k in less than one hour and if my feet are up to it, skate my second 50k.

In my spare time, when I am not on the ice, I enjoy cooking and travel. I also love photography and you can see some of my work published in US Speedskating’s Racing Blade magazine Spring 2009 issue.

Professionally and personally, I am a district-level technology integration teacher and I work with the International Society for Technology in Education on their SIGilt board. I am married to the wonderful Erik, who I call not only the love of my life but my lap counter extraordinaire.

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  1. October 11, 2009 7:54 pm

    I spent my childhood on speedskates and after a 17 year hiatus started my journey to relearning 10 years ago. I have coached so much that I haven’t gotten the chance to compete in a few years, that will change this year when I get down to marathoning again, though Bemidji cannot be in my plans as that is the same weekend as JRs and my son’s skating career comes first. So, while I am a forty something who skates an easy sub 60 min 25K, I can’t help you out this year, maybe next?

    BTW, I spend my life off skates in the classroom too, and in my studio, and of course on the bike. See you in Dec at the OVAL? (Am Cup)

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